Meet the Tap & Katie Hornor Family

Tentmaking Missionaries in Campeche, Mexico
and Leaders in the World-Wide, Spanish-Speaking Homeschool Movement.

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What is Tentmaking Missions?

A Tentmaker is a dedicated, spiritually mature Christian who views work in light of the Great Commission and as an opportunity to serve the Kingdom of God. Therefore, work is a vital aspect of Christian witness, because it provides substantial means of developing relationships, credibility, and contexts for ministry.

Locally the Hornors practice relationship evangelism through their local mission church's outreaches, English and Bible classes, homeschool ministry, retreats, and business coaching.

In addition to the Hornor's local mission ministry in Campeche, they have founded 3 businesses (debt free) to provide both financial stability, and further opportunities to serve believers and reach souls for Christ

The Hornor's currently have received support pledges for 53% of their needed monthly budget. Your purchases of the Hornor's products and services through any of their websites makes it possible for their family to continue to expand their reach for the Kingdom, and to minister to individuals & families in Mexico and around the world.

Lemonhass®, is an online Spanish Christian Bookstore.
It is also home to the Spanish-Language, K-6th Literature-based, complete Homeschool Curriculum developed by Tap & Katie Hornor. It also provides a weekly blog for home-educating parents, written by one of 8 different contributing homeschool mom writers. Watch the video or visit their site for more information.


Coaching & Trainings for Bloggers & Online Business Owners

Taking what they have learned about blogging and online business, the Hornors also offer free (and bi-lingual) education as well as a membership program and  professional coaching experiences for other families trying to create a stable income online. Click the button below for more information at Blogging Successfully.

Inspiration to Live Exceptionally & Praise Intentionally

Katie's blog is a wealth of  inspiration for every woman from teens to grandmothers. Visitors can sign up for her FREE e-course "Intentional Praise" which shares a bit of their ministry story and challenges readers to choose praise in every circumstance, or you can check out their English language devotionals and homeschool products in the Paradise Praises shop.

The Hornor's 2017 Schedule


USA - Katie
March 22-24
Social Media Marketing World


México - Tap & Katie
April 3-8
Worldschool Summit 2017


México - Tap & Katie
May 5-6

Lemonhass: Conf. Educando en el Hogar


México - Tap & Katie
June 23-24Conf. de Educación Cristiana
Iglesia Bautista Monte Calvario


México - Tap & Katie
June 30-July 1
Conf. de Homeschooling Pachuca


USA - Katie
September 30
Blogging Successfully Retreat


México - Tap & Katie
November 2-6
Blogging Successfully Retreat



USA - Tap & Katie
January 5-6, 2018
Blogging Successfully Retreat

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Celebrating 10 Years in México

April 13, 2017, The Hornors will celebrate 10 years in México