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Group Coaching

Interactive Coaching 

Twice a Month 

(estimated value $240/mo.)

Resource Library

Ebooks, Courses & 20+ Hours of Video Archives

(estimated value $900)

Office Hours

5-10 min. Calls 

Twice a Month 

(estimated value $99/mo.)

Private FB Group

24/7 Access to Experts in our Exclusive Facebook Community Group 

(estimated value $60/mo.)

Are you craving an online business that allows you to do what you love with the freedom to earn from anywhere?

Or maybe you’ve already started and are not sure what to do next.

I understand. Because I’ve been there. My husband and I were living month-to-month on donations as missionaries in Mexico, when we started three online businesses WITHOUT going into debt, grew to full-time income in two years and then doubled our profits two years in a row.

Now I want to take what I’ve learned to help you break through every doubt you have and start a thriving blogging business.


Let's brainstorm how to get past that. 


You don’t. Get started at a fraction of the cost of other programs. 


How does $31/month sound? 

You CAN build the business you’ve been dreaming of and make money regardless of your location. We’re living proof of that.

No matter where you are in your journey, we combine the education you need with a community of like-minded ladies ready to take the internet by storm. But we’re just getting started.

Your investment starts at just $31/month.


You want to grow your business: We've got tracks for 

You are feeling stuck in amateur mode: We provide tools to get you growing. It doesn’t matter if this is your first business or if you’ve been struggling for years. You’ll look like a pro in no time.

You’re lonely and isolated: Join the party and connect with other women business builders who "get" what you do.

You don’t know how to _____________ (fill in the blank): Cruise our training library stuffed full of answers to every question.

You can’t afford a coach: Now you can. Group coaching and coaching calls are included in Connection membership.  

You need an expert on speed dial: Tag Katie in the group and you'll typically have a response within the hour.


  • A continually growing training library jam-packed with ebooks, forms, templates and hours of video training. (Estimated Retail Value $900)
  • Two group coaching video calls with Katie every month. (Estimated Retail Value $240/mo.) 
  • Two monthly Office Hours phone calls with Katie.(Estimated Retail Value $120/mo.) 
  • Exclusive access to our members-only Facebook group. (Estimated Retail Value $60/mo.) 
  • Discounts on private coaching packages.


Terri Hamman of

Alicia Michelle of

"Since joining The Blog Connection I've seen growth that directly translates to increased earnings. I would tell anyone that the membership or coaching with Katie is worth the price."


"I appreciate the support and accessibility to Katie. The Blog Connection will supply the logistics for you to answer your call, regardless of your niche or blog topic. ."

“I love the sense of community and connections in The Blog Connection. The one-on-one support from Katie is second to none. She is a cheerleader, teacher, and a wealth of online business knowledge.”

Ready to Get Connected? 

Online entrepreneur Katie Hornor has been a speaker and mentor for almost a decade. 

Her passion for blogging began when she and her husband crafted the plan to stabilize their income.

They built three online businesses WITHOUT going into debt, and started their empire while living and ministering full-time as missionaries in Mexico. 

They now make a full-time income through their online businesses, and have doubled their profits each year for the past two years.

Katie is a digital product expert. Her vast experience includes over 40 self-published books and curriculum guides. 

She helps hundreds of female entrepreneurs every year discover what’s holding them back and move forward to build businesses they love. 

Katie is passionate about helping women grow to their full potential, and thrills to see her clients increasing their impact as well as their income.  

"Through Katie's mentorship, I've taken an unbelieveable sea of overwhelming tasks related to blogging and mapped them out into maneagable steps to be accomplished."

“Thank you so much for all of the ways you help struggling writers & bloggers! In The Blog Connection, I have learned in days what I have been trying to understand for years.”

Phyllis Sather

“I just signed up for The Blog Connection and logged in to the members area - I am SO impressed! There is so much information on so many great topics!”

Alinajoy Dubois

Get Connected for Success Today!


Other comparible coaching programs are charging anywhere from $57 to $97 or even $197/month. And many lack the personalized coaching component that Katie offers. And while prices may increase as we continue to pack the resource library with more content, the current rates are: 

$31/month when paid yearly ( = 2 months free per year)

$37/month when paid monthly


Why yes, as a matter of fact, there are. 

MEMBER HIGHLIGHT ON OUR WEBSITE FRONT PAGE: Each month we highlight 4 of our members. It's an honor to share your story and your work with our audience. 

DISCOUNTS ON PRIVATE COACHING: If you want further help in applying all you're learning to YOUR business, use the discount code you receive at enrollment when you sign up for Katie's Private Coaching packages. Members choosing the yearly payment plan get a bonus one-time 30-min coaching call.  

MEMBER AWARDS: We love to recognize those members who are giving it their all, participating in the community and showing exemplary spirit in their work. From time to time we have Member Awards honoring those members within the community.

IRL MEET UPS: Katie travels often and we'll let you know whenever there is a chance to get together IRL (in real life), because there's nothing like coffee or a meal to help people get to know one another. 

"I've been to many conferences but I've been impressed with the quality of information Katie gives. She knows her stuff. Since joining, I turn to her books and wisdom first"

“Katie Hornor is a wealth of information. She has taught me to understand so much, personalizing her teaching to help me improve my skills for business success.”

Susie Glennan

“There are tons of quality resources in The Blog Connection. A great value for the price. Every time I log in there is more!”

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